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Lecture 002 - The Scarlet Letter (Emerson)

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

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Lecture 002September 19 2011The Scarlet LetterChapter 13Division between social view and individual viewPuritanChristianOld World vs New World Change doesnt always happen the way we expect Hawthornes illustrating this Pearl is a sin in her own way free to become what she willDimmesdale recognizes the freedom of a broken lawBrand new World brings the breaking and creating of new lawsHester recognizes the mutual obligation of a crime paradoxical Were told Hester is so respectable the A doesnt stand for Adulterer it stands for AbleHawthorne is creating a new sense developing a paradoxBreaking the laws and principles of society lead to something good and largeroHesters guilt Hawthorne reworking the issues of right and wrong sexual relationships authorityMeeting between HesterDimmesdale takes place outside of the town away from society First half of the novel takes place over 7 years second half over the space of a few daysHester decides to talk to her husband after he has told her to remain silent this throws things into gear Chapter 14Beginning paragraph where Pearl is staring at her reflection in the water is an allusion to
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