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Lecture 003 - The Scarlet Letter (Emerson)

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 003September 21 2011The Scarlet LetterCalvinismbelieved that when you were born you were destined for Heaven or Hell nothing could be done about it The Doctrine of predestination Protestant work ethic work will get one ahead in the proletarian worldIf you prosper in the world it was a sign that your soul was saved Psychological social ambitionAbsolute sovereignty of GodEvery infant is already guilty of the sin of Adam and EveHeavy focus on scripture Strict moral codeHeroes of printavailability of the bible textPuritans first to advocate education for women Gracedivine gift given by God not deservedRedemption and salvation oCannot be earned Left looking for signs of graceoDo what is good and avoid doing what is wrong Sense that Hester is acting throughout the bookdefy the Puritan oppressive senseAnne Hutchinson objected to the idea of predestinationComparison to Mary Magdalene the forgiven woman Free will limitation
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