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Lecture 004 - Jonathon Edwards

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Western University
English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 004Jonathon EdwardsthSeptember 26 2011Number of reasons why we read EdwardsoOne of the most powerful philosophical minds to have emerged in the American traditionoDescribed as the best philosophical mind oBy virtue of the power of his intellect and writing he was read and influential in ways that are almost impossible to trace oIn terms of readership there we 12 posthumous volumes published between 1731 and 1931 250 separate printings in US and EnglandoOnly American writer with the exception of Franklin to be read outside of the US with any great audience or interestoKnown to have been read by Hawthorne Melville Mark Twain William JamesoIn his philosophical and theological writings he established one of the main currents of American religious beliefReligious and political ideas get intertwined and intermixedTrinity of thinkersEdwards Franklin and EmersonSummation of Puritanism in its purest state Calvinism in its purest stateoGoal was to harmonize them with true scienceSinners in the Hands of an Angry Godsermon Delivering this hellfire serm
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