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Lecture 005 - Jonathon Edwards

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

thLecture 005September 28 2011Jonathon Edwards Edwards on free will believed on Predestinationwhat is going to happen is already predetermined by GodAccording to the doctrine on Predestination the individual person does not have free will although we think we do and we feel as if we doWe think we act according to free will but the will itself is something that is given to us and is predetermined Everything we like is determined by a stimulus and that stimulus is beyond our controlFreudianwe seem to do what we want and like but there are actually concealed reasons lying in our libido and sex drives etc DNA psychologyWhat we wish to do is determined by our genes reigning psychology now Americans consider themselves exceptional and different from other nationalities they have a specific purposeAmerican binary thinkingpolarization black and whiteCensorship tends to argue itself on the basis we have freedom but this kind of freedom really undermines the greater good of society and therefore must be cond
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