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Lecture 007 - Franklin and Emerson

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 007October 5 2011FranklinEmerson p 310has a bearing on both Franklin and Emerson Forced intermixture of people and beliefs was something that was observed and noticed about the American character from the beginningIn place of established religion Franklin proposes to look for rational common basis oIf you were American you could be anythingWe can do everything we can for the sake of reason or utility but ultimately we cant it breaks down and we are animals to physical appetites Franklin is aware of this and is being ironic in The Autobiography p 252oThese passages underscore Franklins ironyoEasy to make gross generalizations of Franklin but much more difficult to read him closely and see between the lines p 284The solution to all of this crime is education not reallylist of virtues List of virtues leaves out other people set of virtues that almost entirely is selfdirected useful and purposefulFails in giv
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