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Lecture 009 - Edgar Allen Poe

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 009Edgar Allen PoeOctober 17 2011 Poe was a great innovator this is his claim to place his work exists as a bare handful of poems a fairly substantial number of stories and hes best known for his outrageously exaggerated Gothic talesGenuinely popular writerManaged to make himself important in a number of genres most important and feared literary critic of his time admired Hawthorne no small thingInvented a kind of pure lyric that has virtually no content or subject matterEstablished Gothic as a central American genre invented the subgenre detective fiction One of the first to use the doubleplotted detective storyDoubleplottedThe plot in which Plot A has already happened and Plot B is the story of the detective following the clues and unraveling Plot A Way of saying what Poe was about writing in a irrational way on rational purposesAlthough he was known read and somewhat respected as a figure he more or less disappeared from the American literary consciousness after hi
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