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Lecture 010 - Emerson and Poe

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Western University
English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 010 American LitOctober 19 2011American culture is a popular disciplinephenomenon Emerson and Poetwo versions of the poet radically at wits with each other but they have certain common grounds Emersonliberating God if every thought is a prison it is the poet who creates new thoughts for breaking out poet is creature of imaginationPoeThe poet is the maker the craftsman the producer of artifactsFor Emerson the poet is the bard the oracle the moralist speaking For Poe the poet is the worker in the wordsFor Emerson everything is capable of being symbolic operates in terms of monotony beauty lies in natureFor Poe beauty lies in manmade artPoeoriginality comes in formal invention Emersoncutting off from past traditionsHaunted Palacehead ghostly reference something has taken overHouse of Ushereyelike windows entering a persons mind Twins mirror reflectionRoderickMadeline Story about the artistic sensibility in the state of hyper synthesis hyperactivity Bipolarism manic depression Narrator coming into world that is unhealthy parable about artistic creationThe
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