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Lecture 018 - Moby Dick

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 018Moby DickNovember 16 2011Sense of religious typology that the biblical references by allusion have repercussions that radiate throughout and into the bookRiddled with references to the Bible offhand not always to best known portions of the Bible gives sense of how the biblical reference was enmeshed in American thculture and American thinking from the 19 century and to this day in many parts of the country Important culturally and still is AhabStudy of masculinization Male character who has none of the female in him holy sharpedged hard without fellow feeling in the sense of masculine stereotypingWomen generally mourners at homeAhab has his humanities if he thinks about them we dont know itStarbuck tries to have him think about itFocuses on male relationships to the exclusion of heterosexual relationships between men and women Novelists have avoided mature adult female charactersRelationship of Ishmael to Queequag is mirrored Vision of nature red in tooth and claw kind romantic nature vs bloody nature Both true and both necessary to emphasize one too much is to bring into the other Universal cannib
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