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Lecture 019 - Moby Dick

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 019Moby DickNovember 21 2011Homoerotic sense of Ishmael and Queequaginterracial samesex marriage Melville is being provocative here and teasing Questions to Melvilles own sexuality Rebelling against the narrow and restrictive taboos current in his own society playingtoying with the reader in these passagesToying doesnt stop with opening chapters Ishmael and Q relationship opens up in later chapters Squeeze of the HandP 322sperm whale tongueincheek and provocativeP 351Introduces chapter called The Cassockdetails of whale butchering cassock is a religious room and the casing of the whales penis Eroticizing and sexualizing of the whaleSee it as Melvilles reading of nature what is this natural world this cosmos that we are living in Born to tied to The natural world is the world of sharks violent death and sexuality His way of saying that if youre going to look at the natural world youre going to look at all of it inside and out with a clinical eyeAmbergris reeks to high heaven smells created from a disease from a sperm whaleused to create a longlasting perfume expensive commodity All of this joking is part of Melvilles natural vision calling attention to our sense of civilized nature typical of the way Melvilles mind works in the novelQ is referred to as a cannibal so is the spe
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