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Lecture 023 - Henry James

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 023Henry James December 5 2011 Pivotal figure in the development of the novel as a genre internationally in a way that none of the other American authors can be said to be at the same time the mature late James is an acquired tasteAs a novelist was born into an illustrious and welltodo NY city familyAim was to write novels about the American and European characters meeting in such a way the reader could not tell whether the author was European or American character and cultural interaction from an internationalglobal standpointSense of refinement that escapes many English novelistsAttempted to remove the author from the telling of the story in drama gradually disappearing authorthis is what makes James a pivotal figure in the development of the world novelIn last phase of his career simply wrote from himself Archetypal craftsman of the novel nobody thought the novel was an art formJames was a key figure in changing thisDaisy MillerOne of Jamess rare successesPolarized view some critics thought Daisy was too innocent to be believable Testing Emersonian selfreliance in the person of a female character American poet that has been Europeanized has traded one identity for anotherDaisy Miller
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