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Lecture 26

English 1022E Lecture Notes - Lecture 26: Sinclair Ross, Clive Bell, Queer Theory

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English 1022E
David Bentley

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As for Me and My House II
Queer Theory
1. Homosocial (friendships between people of same sex/gender)
2. Homoerotic (sexual attraction between people of same sex)
3. Homosexual (sexual relations)
Keath Fraser — As for Me and My Body
“Art and religion are two roads by which we escape from circumstances to ecstasy” — Clive Bell, “Art”
- Mrs Bentley is not a muse for Philip
- Mirrors the Wasteland in troubled relationships in dry place
- Problems in relationships
- Philip has an affair — sexual relationship with Judith
- Steve
- hands/touching are important
- Phillip only sees Steve and his potential
- Philip is attracted to Steve
- Homosexuality and pedophilia in relationship
- Because Mrs Bentley is the narrator, we dont know what the basis of their relationship
is (level of queer theory)
- Wants to buy a pony despite that they can barely eat
- Presents
- Pony, bedroom, etc
- Steve manipuates Philip
- Philip keeps his hands on Steves shoulders
- Sinclair Ross is gay
- Says shoulders/staring is a homosexual act according to Ross
- Philips stuedy is his closet
- Queer theory talks about how the straights see gay people
- Mrs Bentley is aware, as are the other characters
- Steve as ominously good looking
- Paul worries about their relationship
- Laura has put aside stereotypes is she gay??
- Is Mrs Bentley attracted to Judith?
- Did Philip want to come out?
- 12 years ago preach, marriage should have come out
- According to Freud, mothers dictate how men see women
- Is it possible that MRs B is the one who told the Roman Catholic church?
- Philip idolizes Steve
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