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Jane Eyre
The Governess (Barbara Schaff): they distorted the gender separation of
public and private spheres in the Victorian era.
Sound of Music, is the Governess without the gothic, owes a heavy dept to
the thematic of gene Eyre. The Nazi’s become the “demonic other” in the
Sound of Music.
Jane is so haunting to us because she is a figure of liminiality= she occupies
the space between one thing and another
She is neither fully professional, like the masses of women who went out in
this era, because she is made domestic, and meant to live in the domestic
The governess dresses in plain dresses to be inconspicuous and
desexualized, but she has the option to rebel these roles and does
This rebelliousness is an important part of Jane’s character
Neither fully working class, or aristocratic
She is also between feminine roles as well, she watches a child, yet is almost
a child herself (liminal space between childhood and adulthood)
How money is achieved: inheritance or worked for are big questions in this
How do you determine or change your social status as a women in this time?
You can work your way through education and self discipline, or you can do
it through marriage
It is a novel that situates itself at the heart of the woman question
A set of debates about women’s roles
This novel is part of this debate because at the time it was published, under
a male name, many people thought it was too bold and erotic to have
actually been written by a girl
1840’s question “should women be able to vote” was asked
“should women be educated”?
women’s desires and lack there of.
Her relationship between Mr. Rochester, brings the question of equality
His proposal comes at the time they are discussing themselves as equals
Lots of intellectual talk at the fire that proves them intellectually equal
Yet also dominated by the desire to have master, and again unbalanced by
him being old enough to be her father
Jane, is no question, a figure of rebellion for its time.
Through her rebellion it asks us to think about other kinds of rebellion
Page 15, the analogy is suggest “rebel slave”, a controlled rebellion
Page 130. Outright statement of Jane addressing the women question
French revolution also occurred at the same time, also a rebellion.
157, she turns it back from his claim of mastership through age and how he
has seen the world, to how one makes us of their time and world
once boys got educated they could go off and do things with their degrees,
but for women there was little opportunity for them to work jobs that
required high education
Jane Eyre takes the form of a fictional autobiography
Has a narrative of development, documents the way that the female makes
choices that shape the story of her life. Documents the spiritual, moral and
spiritual development of a character in the face of obstacles.
She calls attention to the fact that she is expanding parts of her life and
contracting others
99.100 statement about education and how it is a progressive force and of
it’s utility. Education can be a force for bettering society as a whole.
Autobiography is useful for Bronte to document a female view.
Angela Carter was working on a squeal to Jane Eyre, about her step
daughter Adele. Are there parallels between Carter’s wolf Alice and Jane??
They both feature orphan children raised by relative
A haunting moment when Jane and Wolf Alice have to face a moment of
themselves in the mirror
Conventions of the gothic genre
Explore boundaries between human and savage behavior
Jane is split in two. Jane Eyre gets to the civilized education woman, and
Bertha Mason is the wild animalistic woman.
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