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Lecture 22

English 2017 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Empty Rooms, Megaphone, Walter Benjamin

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English 2017
Nigel Joseph

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Lecture 22
Iron Man
Arms manufacturing
Lead in weapons that America has
Cutting edge of hostile technology
Travel to afghanistan-significant because of much of the success or lack of success
there and the reason of being there is due to the arms race
Injured and constructs a suit
The suit is a symbol for cutting edge technology
One of the issue is who owns the suit --and Iron Man doesn’t want the American
government to own this
Represents debate about weapons
FILM: Iron Man 3
Move away from celebration of technology --always refining technology for it to be better
A critique of the technology
His girlfriend comes home and is talking to his suit and he is working on a new suit in the
The movie is condemning his obsession with technology and his suits and it is clearly
ruining his relationship with his girlfriend
The female protagonist at the end that saves everyone/is strong
She is also in some sense participating in this particularly male fascination with
violence - “i get why you like the suits”
FILM: Avengers
America believes that solitary film is not the solution anymore, you need a team
Some people find ppl using headphones as rude
Anti social
We donèt see it as odd in today society bc we have embraced it
The argument against it is that we have evolved to a level of intelligence by talking to
each other (we are a sociable species)
Music can be therapeutic though
To always be listening to music in public is to turn your back on the social world- i would
rather listen to music than speak with you
“Don’t bug me
Symptom of increased isolation and increasing this isolation
Move from public concert to privateness of headphones
Causes harm
Harm to wearer of headphones- lose ability to hear certain sounds, consonants
by self but also death because could be listening and using headphones and be
hit by a car
Can you become ‘autistic through technology’?
Listening Alone
The sight of someone in a private world, swaying or nodding to music only they can hear, cut off
or walled-in by headphones, is increasingly common. How do we respond to the sight? Older
people, with memories of a world of face-to-face encounters still fresh in their minds, often react
with horror and hostility. The person with headphones is a monad, an alienated subject, an
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