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Gabrielle Ceraldi

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English 2033 Mar. 7, 2013
No childhood innocence is portrayed in Harriet’s The Spy
Adults are absent in the novel
Sport does all the cooking and cleaning and controls the money budget
He has been forced into the adult’s role
His father fails to fulfill his parenting duties
Sport is missing out on his childhood because he is worried about keeping the house
Sport’s father is not evil because him and Sport do share a loving bond but he is simply
not good at being a parent
The father is atleast trying to accomplish something but Sport’s mother is simply not
Harriet’s parents
Even though Harriet’s parents are still married and live in the same house as each other
but they are simply not giving attention to Harriet
Her parent’s are very cliché cliché parenting
Her parents are not able to recognize what Harriet is going through when she loses Ole
Her dad still believes that his life should not be bothered by Harriet even when Ole Golle
is gone
The apple does not fall far from the tree Harriet’s dad also has a routine when he
comes back from work (peace, quiet, martini)
Her dad is someone whom she could talk to if the father is willing to put the effort, but
it is very evident that he is not
The mother is an exaggerated version of Mrs. Plummer; she lives an upper class
Manhattan life; her time is diverted to meaningless pursuit
She dresses to show off a professional identity; she does not want to look like her
mother (she will never do mud packs like her mother)
They buy things and have people over to look at the things (materialistic life)
They have no children they believe their life is perfect (consumeristic lifestyle)
If they had a baby, it would laugh at them and the baby would probably not be perfect
at the Robinson’s would probably kill it according to Harriet
Wooden sculpture of a baby holding a mother Adult child role reversal (weird
disgusting version) Similar to Sport and his father
She wants to be part of the Desenti family this is due to the interaction between
They have the healthiest family dynamic
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