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English 2230F/G Lecture Notes - Leonard Cohen, Scansion, Trochee

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English 2230F/G

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English 2330G
Day 4 of a lot
- Sonnet
o14 lines of iambic pentameter
oPetrarchan (Italian)
Divided into an octave and a sestet
oShakespearean Sonnet
Three quatrains and then a rhyming couplet
- Octave is the first eight lines
- Sestet is the last six
- Paradox
oSomething that is illogical
oTwo opposing pieces
- Verbal Irony
oWhat you say is the opposite of what you mean
oUsually happens in sarcasm
- Situational Irony
oWhen everything leads up to one thing and then at the end it’s
- Ambiguity
othe text means 2 different things at the same time
- Lexical Ambiguity
oIt’s basically a pun
oSound fancy by saying that
The New Criticism
- 1920s-1950s and it eased off gently by the 1960s
- Treated the text as a separate entity, a piece of literary language
oAn artefact if you will
oHow poetic language created meaning and effected the audience
- Ignored the biography of the poet
- Also ignored political overtones and undertones
- Divorced literary texts from their contexts
oAside from literature
- Really like lyric poetry
oHow voice or a voice was created
Overheard Utterance
- The illusion of voice
- A subjective, emotional moment
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