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2. Oct 9-Sir G and the GK -PT 2.docx

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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part II October 9, 2012  A whole year has passed since the feast of part one Poet describes through the seasons going by (winter, spring, summer, fall, and back to winter)  Line 530: “and winter once more”  Time goes by quickly for Sir Gawain as he is anxious, to show the reader how he is feeling Gawain must leave  All of the knights come together to see G off, as they will miss you greatly.  Line 558: “there was much secret sorrow suffered that day that one so good as Gawain must go in this fashion to bear a bitter blow” o Not a very noble death (it is a game)  Tranquil eye: perhaps Gawain has accepted his fate  Gawain is ALONE.  Line 668: “And soberly said good day, he thought forevermore.” o Impending death Imagery  Gold/light imagery is associated with Gawain (golden bright, line 569) o Red imagery –connected to heraldry and martyrdom  Gold is associated with Green Knight as well o Green imagery as well o Line 681: “beheaded by an ELF MAN” Line 681: “for empty pride” –narrator criticizing Arthur’s pride and lack of judgement for allowing this to happen Line 691: Out of the realm of civilization, and into a wilderness without laws and structure (line 701) Nature =chaos vs. the structure of civilization Line 765: the castle appears out of nowhere for Gawain to worship (answer to prayer)  Realistic description of castle while also holding to that it is a great contrast to its surroundings, too good
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