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3. Oct 16 -Sir G and the GK -PT 3.docx

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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

Sir Gawain: Part 3 October 16, 2012 The Three Hunts: -splicing between the hunts and the bedroom (castle) -gets more difficult daily (both for Gawain to refuse the lady and for the Lord to hunt) -- a quest within a quest The first hunt:  -The king is described with action verbs: “mounted and ready”; one with the vigilant nature of the animals in the forest  The king does not kill just anything, only the ones in season. Does not kill the male deer as respect for the nature. Hunts carefully, exhibits aristocracy. Follows civil laws  1165: easily kill the deer (female); use archery. First Bedroom scene:  Gawain sleeps in –stillness. Non-action verbs  1183—G hears a noise at the door; pretends to be asleep; peaks out and sees the lady of the castle  1179—“Gawain the good man”  Ironic—Gawain hides from the lady pretending to be asleep because he doesn’t know what to say to her, although he is a great man known for love  Woman is the hunter (LORD) and Gawain is like the Deer. Easy target.  “Fair and fresh as the flowers of spring.” –describes Gawain as young and just starting to blossom o Maybe no sexual experience? In spite of his reputation.  The lady very easily moves in (line 1215) o Easy easy easy o She is the aggressor  1219-“let your prisoner rise” “you shall not rise from your bed” –lady is dominating. He is not allowed to move.  1237 –lady offers him her body “your each wish to fulfill”  1226, 1251-1255 – she strokes his ego  1280 –all talk, no action o They talk until noon hour, but nothing more than talking  1300 –lady is insulted that he hasn’t made a move. o “what would a model knight have done” o At least have claimed a kiss  Finally G agrees to kiss her, she goes for the kiss and SHE is the aggressor, not him.  1311 –the Lady leaves, he gets dressed and goes to mass o Glad to go to mass as he didn’t do anything wrong o Passes day one “dodges the bullet” The First Exchange  1395 –the kiss is given, everyone is happy.  No severe incident with the first exchange The Second Hunt  1438-The boar makes “a murderous rush” o Has been separated from the herd; fierce, savage, desperate  The arrows don’t pierce the skin of the tough skin of the boar  Longer hunt than the deer o 1467-Lord pursues the boar until “sunlight slanted” o As the sun is going down. Taking all day!  Boar is called a renegade –loner  Boar is exhausted as it is about to be killed, must be stabbed in the heart with a sword (1594) The Second Bedroom Scene  G is also a loner in this place  The lady enters early again (as the lord leaves early to hunt) o At him with all her art –tempting him. o Guile in heart –sly and cunning intelligence  Gawain breaks from his covers as the boar did
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