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Nigmendra Narain

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The Dead October 30, 2012 Snow  Gabriel is always trying to brush the snow off himself o He favours culture > nature o Or England > Ireland  Gabriel is associated with snow, Michael Fluery is associated with rain  Looks into the snow after Miss Ivors and thinks of how much better it would be to be there  Tears -----thawing of emotions  Reference to the snow melting in the last paragraph;  Ireland is covered in snow, everyone is the dead Gas imagery Candle Imagery Water Imagery –learns and ability to change Complexities of the love relationship between Gretta and Gabriel Gabriel o Gabriel vs. Freddy Malins o Both men in their 40s, similar size o Freddy ‘s description pg 561 (sleepy, drunk, mechanical –repeated, described as one of the ‘dead’) o Associated with laughter, fun, story teller. Typical Irishmen! o Foil for Gabriel o Gabriel – Mary Jane’s Music (pg 562) o Gabriel can’t listen and neither can the four young men who came in quickly o She is learned, but it is a DEAD ritual, just boring academy pieces o Technically accurate, but no musical quality The Picture of Romeo and Juliet (pg 562) o Women learned stitchery and embroidery o Nothing of great value, all very common cheesy images, o DEAD ART o The inferior education of women at that time o Gabriel feels superior! Judging the world Photograph of his Mother o In the photo, she was arrogant and transposed that onto the boys o He was a bit of a pretentious arrogant MAMA’S BOY o She had no musical talent, o “Brains carrier of the family” –also how Gabriel sees himself o Proud of his mother, upset that she never approved of his marriage to Gretta –thought that he had married down to a “country cute” wife. o Followed by resentment about how it was Gretta who nursed her in the last time of her life o In a story of the alive being dead, it was his DEAD mother’s voice who was most alive in Gabriel’s head o Psychologically haunted by his mother as Gretta is psychologically haunted by Michael o Both Gabriel and his mother are unable to see Gretta as who she is Before Dinner o Aunt Julia sings –very well bringing on the conversation criticising the deadness of the Catholic church as they o no longer allow women in the o Aunt Kate –strong Irish woman, contrary to Gabriel’s view; stands up for women’s roles in the church The Dinner o Gabriel is centre of attention; feeds everyone before he eats his own meal o Conversation: talk about Opera singers –interest in music o Contemporary opera –Mary Jane. Mr. Browne thinks that there are no longer any great singers, Mr. Darcy states that all of the great singers do exist, but they are located in London, Paris and Milan. The DEAD singers were better. o MONKS –talk about coffin, etc. then it is “grown lugubrious” and is “buried in a silence” DEAD DEAD DEAD o SPEECH (pg 572-574) o Celebrates the tradition of Irish hospitality o Confidence is bolstered by the cheering on of his audience o The current generation is not as generous as the previous –DEAD  The three graces –Mary Jane, Kate and Julia o Speech is well received Goodbyes o Pg 574 –Browne is out there, Browne is everywhere –no form of distinction between inside and outside o Story of the horse (see other notes) o Horse is a symbol of Gabriel, who is also a slave to the British tradition o Gabriel laughs about his pompous ancestor, but he is the same arrogant SOB as him o Gabriel moves from the door while the others go outside. He’s gazing at the top of the staircase, where his wife stood “gloom of the hall” o As if she was a symbol of something page 577 –makes her no longer a person, but objectifying who she represents o Imagines himself as a painter “if I were a painter”  Painter controls the outcome of the painting –in control of his wife and who she is instead of her being her own person  Would call the painting “Distant Music” –love affair is distant and unclear between his wife and himself o Gretta is listening to Darcy singing the song about a love affair being pulled apart, but she is thinking of Michael o Gabriel is starting to recapture the feelings he has for Gretta; joyful for himself that HE is the one who ‘has’ her. PRIDE o Long string of goodnights –tedious repetition, routine o Sense of overkill o They’re all falling into a form of darkness and death Back to the Hotel (pg 578-579) o Gretta walks ahead of Gabriel with Mr. Darcy when they leave the house o Gabriel is watching her “his thoughts are bounding”, rioting, fantasizing, etc. o Fantasizes her as frail –he can care for her o He senses the distance between them, but wants to overcome the distance and be together and in love again o “why is it that words like these seem to me so dull and cold? Is it because there is no word tender enough to be your name” –line from a love letter o Reminiscing;
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