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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

Essay Writing # 2 November 1, 2012 What topic to pick?  Choose a topic that interests you OR maybe confuses you  A topic that stimulates your imagination and makes you want to talk about it (imagery, character, development, formal devices  Interest must be infections –you WANT to talk about it  Read the topic carefully to understand what it is asking you to do/not do within a given word/page limit (DO NOT GO OVER 1000 WORDS –SHE WILL STOP READING)  Personalize the generic topic (snow imagery, the moral fall of a character, the use of repetition, what formal devices you will focus on) narrow everything. o Don’t show the topic, show your THESIS What Text to Use?  Choose a text you understand OR one toward which you have negative reactions (puzzling, angering…)  Something YOU want to talk about Re-read Text with Topic in Mind  GO BACK TO THE TEXT  Underline/take notes in margins or on cards of every element that addresses your chosen topic  Roughly write down ideas as to how the text treats your personalized topics Why Write a Provisional Thesis  Gets you focus
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