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10. The Sound and The Fury part 1--Nov 13.docx

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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

The Sound and the Fury November 13, 2012 Four Main Dates  Past: June 2, 1910  Present: April 6, 1928 (Good Friday, Crucifixion of Christ) : April 7, 1928 (Holy Saturday) : April 8, 1928 (Easter Sunday; the Resurrection of Christ) Part 1: Benjy Compson (April 7, 1928)  First person narrative  Stream of consciousness  Mute  Idiot  Man child  No omniscient narrator, just Benjy  He cannot achieve narrative linearity because he doesn’t see things in linear time.  Can respond to sensory impressions  Benjy cannot lie, he is a literalist  Can record events, but not interpret them  Only character that gives him love and affection is Caddie  Caddy is LOST, not coming back, no sense of hope. –she is not allowed back in the home because her mother thinks she is a whore, forever gone Content:  Pg 30 –Flashback to when Caddie was with Charlie, her boy at the time, and Benjy gets upset  Pg 32 –Luster calls Benjy: a loon, a mule-head  Caddie smells like trees to Benjy, when she wears perfume, it confuses and angers Benjy  PG 329 (in Norton) –critique  Pg 35 –Luster sets off Benjy  Pg 199 –they take Queenie to the left of the monument o Horror and shock SCREAMING from Benjy, Luster rolls his eyes o Jason pulls the horse and brings it to the RIGHT of the monument. o Benjy needs EXACT order, same as its always been  Pg 39 –reference to Caddy carrying him o Pg 45 –she is feeding him o Pg 42 –protects him o Simple devotion  Moaning –sense of complete loss, Benjy is unable to make meaning of it o Pg 35 –Luster taunts Benjy, saying he has nothing to moan about  Saying they will send Benjy to the mental institute  Knocks the flowers out of Benjy’s hand  Starts saying Caddy’s name over and over to torment Benjy  Pg 1—at the fence bordering the golf course, crawl through the broken part of the sense o Faulkner references a time when Caddy helped Benjy when he was snagged in the fence, no se
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