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11. The sound and the Fury -Nov 13 --the Parents.docx

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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

The Sound and the Fury –The Parents November 13, 2012 PARENTS  Neither parents get a monologue, so their point of view isn’t portrayed; objective by each parent  Both very emotionally unavailable  None of the boys are parents, not going to be parents o Benjy is castrated o Jason is dating a whore o Quentin is DEAD  Caddy is the fallen woman, TERRIBLE mother as she leaves her daughter to be raised in the terrible family yet again, just like she was. o Pg 131 –she can only rely on Jason to get the money to Miss Quentin (her daughter); trying to care for Miss Q, sending money, asking Jason to be kind to her, but knows that he won’t  Begs that he gets her mother to let her have her daughter back, she’ll give him $1000  “I’m crazy, I’m insane, I can’t take her.”  Makes him promise to take care of Miss Q  Doesn’t think she is fit to take care of her; no stability  Jason hates everyone –his mother, father, Caddy, Benjy, HATES Quentin  Jason o Has to be a parental figure (caring for) Miss Quentin o Hates women—bitches, whores o Violent with Miss Quentin o  Mother o An empty signifier o What each child needs her to be o Useless! o Pg 127 –“there’s not anything left” o Pg
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