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12. The Sound and the Fury -- part 2 -Nov 13.docx

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Western University
English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

The Sound and the Fury –Part 2 November 13, 2012 Part 2: Quentin Compson (June 2, 1910) –18 years earlier Overview  Student at University of Harvard, Boston, Massachusetts; father sold their 40 acres of pasture to pay for Quentin’s education (79, 110); a golf course is built on the sold land  Ongoing dialogue with father, who is a cynical, nihilistic alcoholic  Sensitive and obsessed with women (stirs uo abstraction notions of sin, guilt, honour): 1. His mother (“if I’d just had a mother” 109) 2. His sister: sexually active, “Have there been very many,” (73); pregnant, “you don’t know whose it is then” (73); Caddy must marry (73) 3. His college friends are womanizers (“did you ever have a sister did you?” 102) 4. A “gentlemen” protects womenfolk : “Father and I protect women from one another from themselves our women” (61-62); defender of women: he swears he’ll kill Dalton Ames for having sex with Caddy (95)  He’s still a virgin: kisses a girl, Natalie, a “dirty girl” (85), smears mud on her (87)  Caddy doesn’t know who the father of her unborn child is; Quentin wants to tell Father that he committed incest with his sister and that the baby is his (I said I have committed incest, Father I said, 49)  Helps the little Italian girl get home (80); her brother, Julio, think Quentin kidnapped her and he fights to protect her; police are involved; the rich, white Mrs. Blank, Gerald’s mother, is incredulous (92)  Suicide (by drowning) takes place after the narrative ends  Obsessed with protecting Caddy’s chastity Content  A lot of flashbacks  Pg 51 –images of the watch  Back to grandma’s death, Benjy’s name change, kissing Natalie –moment of humiliation  Reference to the eve of the wedding as well as the wedding  Most of his monologue has to do with Caddy o Obsessed with her as much as Benjy was, just in a different way (his duty to protect her)  Pg 49 –“did you ever have a sister?” feels the burden of having to protect her o Says to Dalton Ames initially and again later to another man  He is so abstract, unlike Benjy, he deals with concepts  “to be or not to be” mentality  The mind breaking
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