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13. The Sound and the Fury - Part 3 -Nov 15.docx

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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

The Sound and The Fury –Part III November 15, 2012 Part 3 –Jason Compson (April 2, 1928, Good Friday)  As a child, he was spoiled by his maternal grandmother, Damuddy (who was a Bascomb) and by his mother who thanks God that God took Quentin and left her Jason (“you are my only hope…every night I thank God for you” (126)); “you are a Bascomb, despite your name” (114)  Fat (15), a cry baby (17), a tattle-teller, mean spirited, cruel and even sadistic (cuts up Benjy’s paper dolls) (43), no different as an adult (won’t give Luster the free tickets for the circus, burning them instead (43)  Obsessed with money (hands in pockets, 13, 15); “Jason going to be rich man” Versh said. “he holding his money all the time (23); not a Harvard boy, but a hardworking man; brings home an income; provides for the “useless black help” (uses the n word); invests money with New York Jews (anti semantic, 120) who he thinks are ripping him off (142)  As an adult (age35), he’s assumed the role of surrogate husband to his hypochondriac mother: employee at the farm supply store, runs the household, brings home an income. He has the power of attorney (141) over her estate  His lover, Lorraine, is a whore from Memphis (122)  Disrespects deceased father and hates his entire family  For the last 10 years, he’s harbored resentment toward Caddy who’s marriage fell apart with Herbert Head, Head then revoked the bank job he had offered Jason  Resents Caddy’s illegitimate child, Miss Quentin, who, like her mother is promiscuous  Miss Quentin (age 17) is skipping school, gobbing paint on her face (113), and running around with one of the men from the travelling circus; she hates he Uncle Jason, who’s cruel and violent, but her grandmother tells her “he’s the nearest thing to a father you’ve ever had” (162); she steals $7,000 from Jason, money to which she had claim to since it’s from her m
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