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14. The Sound and the Fury -part 4 -nove 20.docx

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Western University
English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

The Sound and the Fury –Part Four November 20, 2012 Part Four –Omniscient Narrator: Focal Character is Dilsey (April 8, 1928, Easter Sunday)  Long-time, loyal, old black servant; mother of Frony, TP, and Versh; grandmother of Luster  Knows what the Compson kids need (Luster doesn’t know why Benjy is crying –Dilsey: “git his cap” (179); sits through sermon with her hand on Benjy’s knee (183) and later rocks him, wiping away his drool with her skirt (197)  Protector of Miss Quentin (“don’t you be skeered honey, I’se right here” 175) and protects the sickly Miss Compson from her own children  Through her eyes we see the Compson house for what it has become: a `decaying house” (177); “the square, paintless house with its rotten portico” (185)  Goes to Easter Sunday service; “Rev’un Shegog” from “Saint Looey” is preaching (180) on the resurrection (185); Dilsey weeps: “Ise seed de first en de last…I seed de first en de last” (187)  Has Luster drive Benjy to the cemetery CLASS NOTES:  Dilsey comes off as very heroic  Protective, m
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