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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

A Raisin in the Sun –Lorraine Hansberry Act I Scene i  Morning is symbolic  Getting the money from insurance YAY o Everyone has an idea about what they want to do with the money  Beneatha –med school  Walter –liquor store  Mama –house in the suburbs o Conflict arises because of the division of what everyone wants to do with it  Mama slaps Beneatha for saying there is no God  Ruth discovers that she is pregnant  Asagai –symbolic of African values; an awakening Scene ii  The cheque arrives!  Mama makes it clear that Walter is NOT getting the money for his liquor store  Ruth faints and is distraught about being pregnant  Walter is so depressed about not getting a liquor store he does not deal with the news of Ruth’s baby appropriately Setting:  Two rooms: the living room that slopes into a kitchen area, and the bedroom (mostly Mama’s, shared with Beneatha)  Travis sleeps in the living room, which makes him often unprepared for school  Walter and Ruth sleep in an alcove connected to the kitchen  Bathroom is shared with the neighbours and located in the hallway  Furniture is described as dying –sense of weariness even though it is the beginning of the day o Symbolic of the family members  The VERBS in this play are critical  1909 -Walter sees his wife (Ruth) as old “Just for a second-it was”  1917 –described as a rat trap (the apartment) o 1911 –beat up hole o 1940 –cramped little closet o Homes are usually symbolic of the family  Overrun with cockroaches  No privacy  Cannot block noise out  1908 –in an effort for privacy, they sometimes just block each other out (Ruth doesn’t hear Walter when he says what kind of eggs he wants) –issues with the marriage  1925 –Beneatha describes it as “acute ghetto-itus” Money :  They all obsess about money  Money =power, dignity, pride  Walter:  1908 –Walter asks about the cheque first think when he wakes up  Throughout the play, Walter is getting more and more stressed about money.  Drives a car for a rich man  Desire to be his own boss, in the liquor store as well as in his LIFE  Mama has control over the $10,000, but HE wants it  Has n
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