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English 1022E
Mark Mc Dayter

Goblin Market- Christina Rossetti o Look at it through Queer Theory (focuses on language as having an instability of meaning, what we interpreted is not what was in intended [post structuralism], take what we accept as givens and looking to dissect assumptions about sexuality) o Basic Tenets of Queer Theory: 1) Language works to produce meaning by relying upon the differences in meanings between opposing terms (heterosexuality exists as a category only because homosexuality or bisexuality exits) -> blue is defined by its distinction of not being other things, it is blue because it is not red or orange or purple 2) In turn, this means that conventional definitions of the dominant term reply upon controlling the meanings of the “Other” to ensure that its own meanings are stable. (Homosexuality must be stigmatized in order to secure the place of heterosexuality as the dominate sexuality) 3) But, because the dominant language is, finally, dependent upon the repressed meanings, the “Other”, stability is impossible. The “Other” is always revealing itself, even when most carefully repressed. (Discussions that appear to privilege Heterosexuality are always being subverted by their own language: Homosexuality cant be repressed because it is necessary part of the definition) o Blur song: The biological gender cant be pinned down…makes th
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