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English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

A Raisin in the Sun December 4, 2012 Act 2 Joseph Asagai:  1924 –Asagai gives Beneatha an African nickname, Alaiyo o 1927 –find out meaning –one for who bread/food is not enough o Flattering, saying that she is deeper in a sense  1925 –Very critical when Beneatha straightens her hair o Refers to it as mutilated; prefers her hair natural  Chauvinist –1926 –“For a woman it should be enough” –very old fashioned o Women only need to be concerned with sex and pleasing your man  1958 –Joseph’s philosophy of optimism –ASSOCIATE WITH A LINE –goes on in a forward way, possibility to change   George:  Higher class,  Entrepreneur  1920 –“honest to god, real live, rich coloured people” –mama says about him. Very rare for coloured people to be rich  Also a chauvinist o Laughs at Beneatha for wanting to be a doctor  His family and Beneatha’s do not get alone  Walter aligns himself with George, but in reality he is not similar to him  Bitter  Beneatha:  Very straight forward  Intelligent  Thinks others are beneath her  Feels no love for George  Mama:  1926 –she repeats all that Beneatha told her about African heritage to Asagai  Mama cleans peoples kitchens  Working/lower class  1940 –Buys the house because it is “the nicest place for the least about of money for my family”  Gives the money over to George  Walter:  Blames everything on Ruth at the end of Act 1  1936 –“You’re all whacked up with bitterness” –George to Walter  1937 –“Who’s fighting with you? Who even cares about you?” –Walter to Ruth  Resents Ruth, even though she is not the cause of his unhappiness  went on a bender and stopped going to work Ruth:  Good mother  Has a dream of a better life for herself, but more importantly Travis  Worried about Travis’ safety at al
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