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Nigmendra Narain

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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner January 10, 2013 Page 1098 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Collaborative poem with Wordworth, but he broke off near the end so Coleridge finished it  At this time, people were greatly interested in the sea and Captain James Cooke o Royal Navy, the coast of Australia. The “Great Unknown”  Compact emotional passages –poems o Hard to read because there is so much not directly stated  A long poem –subdivided into parts (cantos, chapters, fits, etc.) o Often a Series of short poems strung together  Ie. cantebury tales o Some are poems that an author writes throughout their life and gets put into a book  Ie. walt witman o Can do whatever it wants to do o Edgar Allen Poe hated the long poem, after 100 lines it isn’t a poem anymore in his view……the Raven. o Content and form can be anything...complete freedom !  This poem is a ballad. Not long enough to ever be printed on its own! Title is still in quotations o Paradise lost is 12 books long, therefore separately published, therefore can be underlined, not in quotations  Ballads: o Tell a story –a narrative with a beginning middle and end o Story told by: the Mariner –first person narrative o Typically oral forms of story telling o Song that is often of a simple story that most people knew. Often repeated o Popular stories o One of the oldest forms of English poetry o Popular ballad –most of the population could not read or write at this time, so stories were oral in a simple rhyme scheme as to be enjoyed by the masses o Eventually got printed and gra
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