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Western University
English 1022E
Nigmendra Narain

Types of States ©Nigmendra Narain Types of Governments  Three types  Unitary  Confederal  Federal  3 criteria o Written constitution? o Who spends? o Who has power/representation in federal institutons? Unitary State  central State government = all powers & govern whole state; is not obligated to share power but often do delegate to make things easier for them  central governments usually create lower level governments o not stated in constitution o very limited challenge to central government o can be ‘un-created’  most common form: 150 states –even if they do not appear to be unitary, they often are.  often: no constitution but traditional rules –ie. British tradition doesn’t have a supreme court, (PM and parliament can make sole decisions) – o PM (Britain) is top advisor for the King but the governor general does all the contracts. Rules such as this emerge. convention and custom  examples? o France, Britain Confederal State  sub-state actors (regions, cantons, states) give some powers to a federal/central government  decentralized federation: residual powers belong to lower levels of government o residual powers are a question of who gets the powers not delineated (specifically)/ given in constitution (ie military, invention [computers, sanitation, cars]) 1. ie. Airplanes were a responsibility of the lower levels of gov’t to decide what the rules around planes were,  central government is beholden to su
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