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English 1022 Lecture: Brave New World

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English 1022E
David Bentley

English Lecture September 30, 2010 English Lecture “Brave New World”by Aldous Huxley On the Board: ______ Heterocosm Matrix (womb) Mimesis (imitation) Induction Science Fiction Dystopia Sir Thomas More, Utopia (1516) Utopia= ou (no) + place = eu (good) + place = no place can ever be a utopia - Heavenly World represents the limit of desire - Hellish World represents the limit of repugnance - the story is more of a comedy the more heavenly it gets - the story is more of a tragedy the more hellish it gets - We are in the middle _____________ Brave New World (Context) -Written against the background of totalitarianism and fascism in response to WWI -Genre: Fantasy -Most science fiction builds on scientific ideas: -1930’s, helicopter still very experimental. Cloning was seen as a possibility. Test tube babies were also a possibility and being talked about. Birth control pill was talked about. Sex hormone treatment still in a primitive state. -To what extent are the people in Brave New World happy? -Huxley took these scientific thoughts and put them in BNW. -These ideas are credible to the reader -Utopia = nonexistent place the could never exist that is the best, greatest place -More published Utopia in Latin. Takes us into a society that superficially looks better than his was. -Will see that the Utopia of BNW is really a dystopia. -Are we looking at somewhere near limit of desire, or repugnance? -To what extent are women being treated worse than men in BNW?
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