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English 1022 Lecture 1 on "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" by D.H Lawrence

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

September 16, 2010 English Lecture “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by D.H Lawrence _____________ On the Board: - Modernity - Therapeutic Culture - “Parables of Redemption” - Salvationary - Appropriation - Transfiguration Rhetoric of Magnification Part 1: Beginning to Paragraph starting with “In the afternoon she...” (p.2594) Part 2: From “In the afternoon she...” to Paragraph starting “he laid her down...” (p.2596) Part 3: From “He laid her down...” to the end _______________ Short Stories - Detective and Horror offer the largest dose of imaginative and emotional engagement in the shortest possible time. - Quality of Life in 1800’s (urban centers like New York, England) produced MODERNITY. Arose with industrialism. - Modernity: Increasing anxiety, nervous conditions, that appeared in literature. “All that’s solid melts into air.” - Karl Marx - Personal identity and meaning was gone, especially with people who moved from the country to the city. - In U.S this was called Americanitis. - Symptoms of Modernity on p.2104 of NA - Private Life versus Public Life (divided aims, 2104) - A great divide in identities was taking place during the 1800’s. Therapeutic Culture - Dedicated to finding an answer to the problems with Modernity. - The wealthy could afford to buy cottages, stay there all summer if they were rich enough; this is an escape from Modernity. - Frederic Law Olmsted designed Central Park in N.Y, and a lot of other big parks. He left them deliberately wild because wild nature was supposed to have a better psychological effect than tamed nature (Versailles). If you couldn’t afford to buy a cottage you would go to these parks to escape Modernity. - Literature would ‘ medicine the mind’ -Escape the office or city by going to the cottage -Escape the apartment by going to the park -Escape ordinary mindset by reading literature September 16, 2010 -Doing all of these things regenerates, revitalizes and restores. Recreate recreation. - The system that repeats in everyday life (work, weekend, work, etc.) Is the same rhythm that underlies “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” D.H Lawerence - “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” was written in 1916 and published in 1922, right between WW1 and WW11 - All about women in love, women finding love - WW1 made everybody think about the problems with Western Civilization. (Why are we chewing ourselves to pieces?) - Women were left at home while the men were killed. - The original title of “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” was “The Miracle” which points to the extraordinary event that occurs: -The religious conversion of Mabel and Dr. Ferguson into D.H’s religion of love.
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