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English Lecture on Paradise Lost Book 2

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English 1022E
David Bentley

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English Lecture “Paradise Lost” January 25, 2011 Paradise Lost Book 2 On Board: “Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.” (The greatest comma in literature) 1.then 2.seemed 3.maze (these are important words) 1. Grand Consult (Book 2) (Satirical) 2. Description of Hell (Satirical) 3. Satan at the Gates of Hell 4. Satan’s Journey Through Chaos - - - - - First Part of Book Two “Then” suggests one thing falling after another, logic. “What fear we then” You have everything to fear, you have nothing on your side. And you already know this. They are self deluded. - Every time you see the word then ask ‘is this logical?’ would this actually happen? - Moloch - l.60: No, he says. - He’s a man of few words. He conceives God in terms of violence and pain. He’s so wicked. Something tough and uncompromising about this character, almost hyper masculine. What a great choice of Satan’s to acknowledge Moloch first. - The fallen angels are all cowards; they don’t want to start another war. No one wants to experience the pain and torture they are currently experiencing. - Then Belial comes in, who is a professor. He plays and manipulates words. His speech his twice as long as Molochs. - His speech is full of conditionals and alternatives like ‘seem’. He’s described as too cowardly to fight, and too lazy to run. He’s full of weasel words and logic. When he speaks he speaks like any Professor in point form (1, 2, 3) At l.121-129 he says “First, what revenge?” There is no second. He sounds like he’s unfolding a logical point by point argument; he’s not. - He asks more questions than he ever answers. - Politics is all about lies sound truthful - Orwell. That’s exactly what Belial is good at. - Belial understands that there is no point at attacking God. Accept it, and get over it. This is not an argument that Satan wants to hear. Those are the 3 fallen angels they talk about. Next person to be acknowledged is Mammon, the least erected spirit that fell in heaven. - Mammon superintended the building of Pandemonium. - He makes a massively appealing argument to the Fallen Angels. Why don’t we make ourselves happy and comfortable here? Why bother to get out , if we can make this place better than Heaven, why bother. - The reaction is huge from the fallen angels. Satan’s got to do something because this seems to be the argument that’s carrying the day but it’s not the one he wants. - Satan brings in the right hand man. Whoever it is is going to be the ventriloquist dummy = Beelzebub. He says they should attack God through Adam and Eve. - The fallen angels bend in reverence. They rejoice in their “matchless c
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