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English 1022 Lecture on "Paradise Lost" Book 9

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English 1022E
David Bentley

English Lecture “Paradise Lost, Book 9” February 1, 2011 Paradise Lost Book 9 1. Greed (appetite) 2. Sexual maturation 3. Knowledge acquisition 4. Disobedience Sapientia (wisdom) Scientia (knowledge) - The Fall is interpreted in many ways. - After the fall they develop guilt and shame, an adult/mature sense of sexuality. They cover their bodies now which they never did before. - Tree of Knowledge interpreted as an aphrodisiac - Tree of Knowledge is source of knowledge. the fall is a reflection of their aspiration to gain understanding - Disobedience. Adam and Eve are unable to abide by the one rule that God has set for them. Unable to accept his authority. They are not children but adults. - Milton draws on these interpretations. But his interpretation is more complex than these. - Eve and Adam have enough wisdom to cope, but they have limited knowledge. - Satan appeals to Eve through knowledge. - Eve has expressed desire to go off by herself and Adam offers her 2 arguments for staying with him. - Staying: Companionship. They were made to be together. - Not going: - She’s failed to see that two people would be better than one to oppose Satan. She doesn’t appreciate the cunning of Satan. She’s a little indignant, annoyed at Adam to think that she wouldn’t be as good at defeating Satan as her and Adam. - Gates of Hell are much less important than their inner gates of will and reason. They will become psychologically destroyed if Satan breaks those down. - Adam denies that he mistrusts her, his argument is strong but we don’t know if he’s telling the truth. - He tells her to Go. If you don’t want to be with me, you’re not really here. - Adam’s speech is full of commas and pauses. Speaking slowly, clearly, seriously. He also gives her time to think about her decision a little bit more. - Stereotypes on Eve. She’s still logical, but hasn’t really heard what Adam is telling her. Her logic seems to be falling over itself. - Eve is the weak link that Satan is going to go for. - l.494: The temptation begins. - He comes in from the side. Everything that Satan does is sneaky, sly, indirect, tricky. - He doesn’t address her directly, he insinuates himself into her company. - He’s not prone, he’s erect. That suggests that this is a mimicry of Right Reason. He’s mimicking what is going to sound and look like rational behaviour, rational thought. - There’s a hint of sexuality in this passage or aesthetic appeal. It’s a good looking erect snake that attracts Eve because of it’s looks and posture. - Satan’s response is very masculine. He is going to use his aesthetic appeal to get Eve interested in him. - Epic Simile: The fall must t
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