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English 1022 Lecture on Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" Essay

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English 1022E
David Bentley

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English Lecture October 14, 2010 English Lecture on “Politics And The English Language” by George Orwell _________ On Board: Magisterial Colloquial Exordium 1. Well Disposed 2. Attentive 3. Receptive Allusion Animal Farm (1945) Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) Eric Blair __________ - George Orwell was a pseudonym (Eric Blair was his real name) - Abuse of power and manipulation of language - Language has become so corrupted that it needs some kind of cure. From truth telling to public relations. Language has become diseased. - The personal is political. We have the capacity to know that it’s a lie (political speeches) but accept it anyways. We do this. - Things like Communism and Nazis and WWII have affected the language in Germany. For example a concentration camp could be named after a kind of german tree, so now whenever someone says the name of that tree you are reminded of the concentration camp. These languages have become a constant memory to the people of what happened. - This essay was a public document aiming to sway people and move them to take some kind of action to remedy this issue with language and politics. - Orwell combines magisterial (teaching) writing style with colloquial (chatty) style Magisterial (Teaching) - Obvious before you start reading. Laid out like a textbook. - Uses technique of numbered lists and footnotes and subheadings - Heavy use of process statements (‘The point is”, “this makes c
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