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English 1022 Very First Lecture on Short Stories and Jokes

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English 1022E
David Bentley

Tuesday, September 14 2010 English 1022 - As you go up the ‘Ladder’ : - Plots become more in depth - Characters become so well rounded you feel like you know them LadderNovel - Settings become much more complicated and detailed - The Climactic moment becomes much more complicated and NovellaShort makes you think StorySketchA - Basically the longer the work, the more room there is to go in necdote depth - A Novel is the most complex of all (and therefore longest) and an Anecdote or Joke is much simpler (and therefore shortest) Hero > Protagonist > Central Consciousness = same thing Jokes - Are very fast, short and simple - bottom of the ladder - Quick introduction to central character “A guy walked into a bar...” is all you need - Avoid getting too creative “So there was this Newfie” this is expected, sounds like you’re going to tell a joke. “Once Upon a Time there was a Newfie” is implying that you’re going to be telling a fairytale - Characters in jokes aren’t well rounded (You don’t need to know what colour hair the main character has, it isn’t necessary) - Setting is mentioned but again, not in v
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