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English 1022E

Description Paradise Lost Force and Fraud* broad question you might encounter on exam ratio recta (erect/right reason) proleptic inverted parallel ressentiment(Nietzche) Schaudenfreude Satan line 84 – p803 − opening line not grammatical – speaking in a garbled way is a form of mental disorder − 5 central points about Satan character − line 94. reveals himself to be unrepentant - “yet not for those pains.... do i repent or change, though change in outward lust” - whatever he looks like he is unredeemable and evil − but, he's a shapeshifter − 2. line 98. admits to suffering “injured merit” but we call it damaged pride or ego − is motivated by pride, has been hurt, wont give up − line 114 – point 3- massively self deluded – claims outcome of battle was dubious - “God doubted his empire” - not true God is omnipotent – all seeing and no possibility of doubting his power – satan is always second guessing God and thinks he knows what God is thinking − line 116 “not in god but in the strength of gods” - multiple gods is his way of including himself − end of speech – in his pride, injured merit, irrationality, mistaken beliefs, resolved to keep going line 118 – no hope, mouths word to cheer himself up – satan is the tyrant, not God. To serve god is perfect freedom. − FORCE and GUILE – violence and trickery – Satan's weapons, see how they're interrelated and how he will use them. − Line 125 - “aposted” someone who has lost their faith – narrator says, despair is the opposite of hope – tells us how to read Satan's words and action − p 815 line 599 “darkened .... considerate pride” (thoughtful, self-conscious pride) Narrator beginning to feel some sympathy for Satan – fallen person, sucked in by Satan's rhetoric − lines 605 “signs of remorse and passion” - realizes Satan isn't feeling these things, mimic, can become anything he sees and wishes − line 666-67 “what command their mighty chief had to impose” Satan is a tyrant, imposing his will on them, manipulator − p805 line 143 “I now believe God ....” line 153 “what can it yet avail ... speedy words” − “never will be our task” NEVER – Satan favourite word as it excludes all other options − “ill will” - internal rhyme “still evil” - still and always evil − resentment – feeling a failed rebel has – characteristic – feel impotent and powerless − also sense of schadenfreude – satan wants to make god unhappy and take joy in it − narrator likens satan to a “great sultan” - tyrant and non-christian – us against them view of religion – comparison makes him doubly awful − line 587 “dread commander” - rules not by kindness but fear and dread − line 791 – consults far within – manipulator – first politician − despite his obvious evil and negative qualities – he's still appealing and attractive − p 807 line 249 “heaven of hell, a hell of heaven” “better to rain in hell than to serve in heaven” − his choice is the contrary to right reason − p 805 line 105 “what though the field be lost ...the courage NEVER to submit” long vowel sounds – rhetorical skill − will and hate hang at the end of the lines – key words − easily conclude that Satan is massively evil, but massively attractive – credible leader of fallen angels and formidable − perfects his skill in rhetoric and temptation − first great epic simile line 192 p806 “thus satan talking to his nearest mate, with head ...and eyes that sparkling blaze, .... allude” − prone – ludicrous image but opposite of erect – opposite of ratio recta (right reason) − rood – measurement of distance – 10-15 feet – also a word for the cross – Satan is a material simulacrum of Christ − epic simile line 197 “as who the fables name monstrous size” - his physical appearance as opposed to his spiritual interior − 3 distinct theories – 1 - titans – rebelled against the gods – for their pains they were chained to a rock forever (prometheus – vulture fed on his liver for the rest of eternity) - − leviathan - 2 – thinks its free but under control of God – does what God permits and prevents ... what could he have done in book 2? − whale off the coast of norway line 204 – pilot links anchor to whale, when whale goes down, so does pilot and so does ship – eve does this and gets sucked down and drowned by a monster – proleptic – foreshadows − second epic simile – physical simile – 808 line 301 “angel forms lay entranced as thick as autumn leaves .... where the trees ...” 1. autumn leaves are rotting in essence 2. or scattered sedge – sedge is seaweed cut off from bottom of ocean – smells – from beautiful to hideous and dead 3. chariots and soldiers of pharoh – red sea parted and closed again “floating carcasses and broken chariot wheels....covering the flood under amazement at their hideous change” CIRCLE AMAZEMENT – is to be lost in a labyrinth or maze − epic catalouge – to parts 522 lists of people and things – important because of words that precede it “first came... last came” - evil will change into any form to achieve its end − 1818 Satan is master of force and fraud etc. Has been beaten using force, going to use guile − bedial also reigns - “insolence and wine” on side of
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