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The Tempest Notes

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English 1022E

English 1022 – 14 January, 2014 The Tempest What is Prospero literally? Deposed Duke of Milan − has been cast in the ocean with his daughter, miranda, to die by his brother, antonio − fairy tale level? Alchemist, wizard – akin to merlin, use magic to accomplish goals 3 ways 1. magic itself – as an alchemist he is able to use white magic, metaphor is magnum opus, idea of undoing damage by the fall in garden of eden – in essence undoes the minds of antonio and others, damage they've done to themselves and others 2. figure of ariel – spirit, alchemists thought to have control of other world – ariel represents this as spirit of the wind 3. power of music – some ways linked to music of the spheres (cosmos) not affected by the fall - puts people to sleep, brings them to harmony – metaphorical - one thing Prospero wont give up when he leaves the island − closely related to role as magician is blocking character − coming between Ferdinand and Miranda – to ensure doesn't become based only in passion so it can achieve higher level − prospero is kind of projection of Shakespeare – dreamy quality, shakespeare's last play – conclusion of tempest shakespeare is saying goodbye to the stage − prospero is dramatist, stage manager, artist figure, driven by a vision, powered by words − powered by creative moral intelligence − as result of magical power able to create illusions, like shakespeare's − revels in idea of teaching a moral through delight − above all Prospero is an educator – at the time of the renaissance – the strength of the human mind (restoring it) and reason by allowing people to control appetites and passions could elevate their nature − above all 2 books people could turn to for guidance and education – the bible (either believed it contained necessary, or some things and could be supplemented) – the book of nature (metaphorically written by god) by reading it carefully you would find lessons – cyclical pattern of seasons − central idea to reading both was the idea that human beings could change, and capacity to change other people Thinkers central to the background of Tempest − Pico dela Miranda “oh...wondrous and un MASQUE SOLILOQUY EXPOSITION magnum opus (great work) IRIS CERES JUNO VENUS & CUPID SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER BOETHIUS: Consolation of Philosophy – wrote under sentence of death − argues image in the figure of wheel of fortune − can have faith in wheel of fortune always turning – at the bottom, can always move up, at the top, if exhibit pride and huberis you'll fall − ultimately under divine providence but can exhibit right reason and moral and spiritual values − system controlled by God but you must do your part begininng of the play Prospero – clearly a teacher, man of books, teaches Miranda − implicit in structure – he is teacher, she is student, she must pay attention, he explains things clearly and detailed − exposition (filling in background of story) – he tells us he loved his books so much he gave over the running of his dukedom to his brother − critically important that leaders exerts proper authority − prospero didn't do this, gave it to his brother − if this were a tragedy this would be his tragic flaw, he would've died The Tempest – not just about a storm, about the essentialness of time, only so much of it p15/17 – realized he allowed his brother to usurp his control in favour of his secret studies, morally accepts his flaw − passing on his knowledge to Miranda, keenly making sure she understands his vision − Core Vision of The Tempest great christian vision – with the help of God and right reason it is
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