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Lecture 7

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English 1022E
Lorraine Dicicco

Eng1020E October 6, 2011 Lecture 7 TOPIC Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Continued)  Hints of weakness in Arthur’s Court  Attire of the Green Knight o Green = nature (E.g. when his head is cut off, it grows back – like a tree, more strongly and healthily.) o Brilliantly dressed in a rich green robe (fringes, embroidery, etc.) o Gigantic in size. “He is the largest man alive!” o He is a marvel to behold, and all men are taken aback at by his arrival. o Not dressed for battle, but come carrying a holly bouqet. o Carries a contrasting gruesome ax.  Bursts into the hall filled with the beauty and deliciousness of the feast. There is no proper greeting. The reader gets a sense of the knight as a savage, dramatic, and uncivilized force. “The crowd is astounded at his stern voice stone-still they sat there in a swooning silence.” (Line 242-3)  Line 283 states the conditions of the game. The response is silence, and the green knight begins to mock him.  The knight is portrayed as very ambiguous.  Blench - To draw back or shy away, as from fear; flinch.  Gawain has set perfection as his ultimate goal.  Imagery (when the knight is beheaded): grotesque.  Associated with hierarchy of order, beauty, warmth, wealth, luxury.  The diction of Arthur stories/poems is often involved with
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