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English Lecture 02 - Sept 16

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E September 16 , 2010 ENGLISH 1022E – Lecture 2 Short Stories: - give imaginative and emotional stimulation in a short period of time. Ghosts, murder, mystery, etc. Modernity: o New York City, and other large cities, starting in 18 century with industrialism, it offers a loud, noisy, and busy setting that has come to be known as “modernity”. It was a phenomenon to some, giving them nervousness, shock and this was then transmitted into their works of literature. o Karl Marx: “All that is solid melts into air” Everything that was solid to people like identity, safe surrounding, would evaporate and make people nervous and uneasy. This is what happened with the modernity, because change made people uneasy. Therapeutic Culture: o Dedicated to solving the intricate problems of “Modernity”, trying to help people. What were these cures like? How did they help people? o COTTAGE: if you were wealthy enough, you could build yourself a cottage and that would be your escape. o PARKS: Frederic Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park, Mount Royal, parks in Philly, Vancouver, London. They are wild parks, and this is because it was far more therapeutic than tamed wildnerness, in order to help the people suffering from Modernity. o LITERATURE: “Medicine the Mind”. You could escape into the story you were reading and then that would help cure Modernity. And you could bring the book to the park or cottage with you and get more therapeutic behaviour from that. o These are all ESCAPES. Escape from reality, in order to recover your imaginative and emotional stability. They help recreate, rehabilitate, etc. D.H. Lawrence: o Horse Dealer’s Daughter published in 1922, which was the same time that the book diagnosing Modernity to the public. His story was written in 1916, around the same time he was finishing his novel called “Women in Love”. They both share many themes, being about a woman in love, about finding love. His stories were also around the time of WWI, and at a time when the world’s ENGLISH 1022E September 16 , 2010 true problems were thrown in their faces and brought to light, causing people to wonder why all those men had been killed, leaving all the women on their own. Western culture shattered. o Original title of the story was “The Miracle”. Extraordinary event in the middle of the story between Mabel and Dr. Ferguson. He points to something spiritual, religious. The conversion of two people into DH Lawrence’s religion of LOVE. That LOVE is a substitution for conventional religion. There are parallels between Christianity and DH Lawrence’s religion of LOVE. o DHL NOT a Christian. Opposed to it. So why are there parallels? He has “Appropriated” themes from Christianity like redemption, salvation, transfiguration, and uses them to amplify his ideas in his story and magnify his ideas. This is because most of his readers would’ve been Christian, so they would’ve understood it far better. To tell them that his story is just as amazing as theirs about Christ, but is about love, about the wonder of love. o “Parables of Redemption” & “Salvationary”. These were said about HDD. o In the end of the story, when they finally touch, is when they are “converted”, when they are “saved” by the religion of love. They are “born again” lovers. More and more people were turning towards love, as things were pointed out in the bible as mistakes and slip ups, and were instead of focusing on so
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