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English Lecture 05 - Sep 28

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E September 28 , 2010 ENGLISH – Lecture 5 Three Graces, Judgement of Paris o Venus (love) o Juno (power) o Pallas (wisdom) JAMES JOYCE – “THE DEAD”… 1 - Musical interlude Topos (Topoi) 2- Dinner Pattern employed by different cultures for different purposes 3 - Ride to hotel Gradual narrowing of focus onto Gabriel… 4 - Gabe/Gretta 5 - Gabe 5. Musical interlude/Dinner Guests…  Series of Irish types…  Mrs. Morxans (unmarried, biological lack of fertility  metaphor for Ireland)  Aunts may have once had vitality but lost it  Page 2509 – “erect, parted lips, flaccid”  represents man? “puckers and creases, shrivelled, nut”  making Aunts neither male nor female…they have lost their female identity.  Old ladies are irrelevant  Gabriel makes allusion to “three graces” where in Greek mythology the man has to choose between the three, Venus was chosen. Gabriel tries to flatter three Aunts with this metaphor…but becomes ironical because they are nothing like the three graces  Freddy: he’s a moron when first introduced…he is not in control of himself.  Freddy is part of the dead – “blunt nose, low brow, heavy lidded eyes” and he has a girlish laugh (lack of clear definition between male and female again). Teddy as in teddy bear.  Like robot, machine (page 2513) …going to take Ireland nowhere.  Mr. Browne: represents dullness of Ireland ENGLISH 1022E September 28 , 2010  extra “e” in Browne connotes that he is pretentious  Young women are taken into back room with him… woman that could bring
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