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Lecture 10

English Lecture 10 - Oct 14

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English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E October 14 , 2010 ENGLISH – Lecture 10 “Through the strategic prioritization of client-focused efficiencies, the corporation is committed to meeting the challenge of delivering maximum choice with continuous flexibility with a synergistic system that encourages thinking outside the box…blah, blah, blah.” – Everywhere in our lives, every day, bureaucratic talk, pamphlets, writing we are subjected to every day. Animal Farm (1945) - satire on revolutions, published right after WWII. 1984 (1949) – ERIC BLAIR Politics of the English Language… o Abuse of power, manipulation of language o Published in 1946, between Animal Farm and 1984. o Twice the phrase “in our time” is used o ALLUSION: evocation or echo of another text. Add resonance, depth, to the present text. Increase the feeling of something important happening. o Given the manipulation of language in Orwell’s day, we can see why he believed language was infected, diseased, and needed to be cured. o Personal is political. All issues are political issues. o Double-think: to believe something and also believe the complete opposite. To know that something is a lie, but to believe it anyway. o Language: carry the memories of the past; it registers historical events that have passed. o Public document—trying to sway us into the same opinion it poses. Remedy the issue of language, trying to move us to make some kind of action. o Most essays are a mix of magisterial and colloquial. We can learn from this, what to do and what not to do. Orwell’s essay is a mix. o MAGISTERIAL: teaching style. Lecturing style. Text that speaks at the reader, laid out like textbook, using same methods as teachers, etc. laid out with numbers, roughly same length, point form. o Orwell suggests you pick your words, only the best. Emphasis on choice. o “Mental vices” – hints that his is a serious problem, attached to the deteriorating language. ENGLISH 1022E October 14 , 2010 o Numbered lists, sparingly uses footnotes, the latter indicating formal writing. He also uses subheadings, in italics, so you always know what he’s talking about every stage of the lecture. o Heavy use of process statements:
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