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Lecture 16

English Lecture 16 - Nov 4

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E November 4 , 2010 ENGLISH – Lecture 16 That’s my last Duchess panted on the wall Looking as if she were alive. I call That piece a wonder, now. Nay, we’ll go Together down, sir POETRY… o Most important is the iambic, with one soft stress followed by hard stress. o Second is the trochaic, with one hard stress followed by soft stress. o Spondee, Spondaic, with two hard stresses. o Pyrrhic, with two soft stresses. MY LAST DUCHESS… o In 1842, right after Queen Victoria came to power o Men went to clubs to smoke cigars; women covered their bodies, a very hierarchized culture. o In 1815, new European order is set in place o Poem = read aloud by the father or mother to the entire family during dinner, so they had to leave out so very many things, but they had to find ways of dealing with the issues you couldn’t speak of without of getting in trouble. They came up with a number of devices. WILLIAM BLAKE, page 1410… o Takes entertaining children stories into something darker o Page 1420 – “The Sick Rose”. A rose normally something for children, something happy, but it is “sick” and so there is something wrong. “Worm has eaten away at rose” Worm was associated with devil, and so it could mean that, or repressed sexual desire, or illness. o Page 1422 – “London”. Everything is controlled, everything marks weakness and woe. Chimney- sweeper cries of church—he believes the church is causing all of this with their wedding bands
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