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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E November 25 , 2010 ENGLISH – Lecture 22 DOCTRINE OF RECOLLECTION PLATONIC FORMS / LADDER PLATONIC TRIAD: AESTHETICISM Undecidability Indeterminacy “Intentional Fallacy” Pastoral  Classical, Christian URN URN KEATS ODE READERS MAKER(S) Physical gives way to metaphysical. Very romantic view of childhood, that children have some special th insight that’s lost to us adults. Common in the united states in the 19 century to show children with great big eyes, as if they see more than we do. PLATONIC FORMS: ladder upwards, towards the ideal forms that Plato says exist in some higher realm that we remember because of the Doctrine of Recollection. We deal with the abstraction of truth, of beauty. PLATONIC TRIAD: Three special abstractions we should focus on in our lives, achieve balance. Goodness, Truth and Beauty. Wordsworth and Keats are saturated with Platonism. KEATS: published 1819 – 1820, shortly before Keats died. “Truth is Beauty, Beauty is Truth” this line takes good out of the equation, telling you should only hunt for beauty which becomes truth, and vice versa. By doing this, you throw out morality. This had enormous appeal to two people in this century: those who rebelled against middle class values, finding them restricting, as well as the people who were repulsed by the ugliness of the materialism and machines and more
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