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English 1022E

Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) – Nov. 14  One of the most important poems written in the English language  Very religious and political epic written in the Latinate verse  John Milton o Religious puritan (more rigorous, broke away from Anglican’s) o Was blind for a large portion of the writing of Paradise Lost and dictated it to his daughters apparently o Was kind of like the state poet, he wrote during the very puritanical interregnum period (historical gap between kings, Charles I overthrown and executed)  Milton argument for Adam and Eve is one of felix culpa (fortunate fall) Blank Verse  Lines of iambic pentameter which are unrhymed – hence the term “blank” o Of all the poetic meters, blank verse most closely approximates the natural rhythms of every day English o By Elizabethan period, blank verse became the standard form for poetic dramas o Divisions in blank verse, used to set off a sustained passage, are called verse paragraph The Epic 1. A long narrative poem on a serious subject 2. Told in formal and elevated poetic language 3. Centered on a heroic or quasi-divine figure on whose actions depend the fate of the community or human race 4. Highly formulaic poems with a set of well defined generic characteristics and literary conventions  For example, Homer’s the Iliad and Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeniad, the Anglo-Saxon Beo
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