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English 1022E

English Notes Nov 28The Mock Epic or Heroicomical Poem Alexander Popes The Rape of the Lock 171417 Structural Outline Canto I Introduced to Belinda Ariel speaks to her in a dream she wakes up and gets ready at he toilet Canto II Voyage up to the Thames from London to Hampton Court description of the Barons altar to love Ariel introduces the sylphs and explains their various tasks Canto III Belinda and other play Ombre a game of cards represented as an epic battle Belinda wins the game they brew coffee the Baron with the help of Clarissa cuts Belindas hair ie rapes her lock Canto IV Belinda descends into the Cave of Spleen with the Gnome Umbriel meets Thalestris and talked with regret about affectation and female vanity Candy V The scene returns to Hampton Court where the crowd demands the restoration of the lock Belindas hair is nowhere to be found the Baron refuses to or cannot return the lock of hair the sylphs procure the Lock and transform it into a star which serves as a testam
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