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Blazon and Irony (Oct. 24) Blazon  This is a section of medieval romance or sonnet in which the poet describes a womans body by comparing parts of it with other objects  In Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale, for example Alisoun’s blazon compares the parts of her body to decidedly less glamourous things: her body is like a weasel’s, her song like a barn-swallows, her spirit like a young colts o Problems-describing women by body PARTS not as a whole (a method of deconstructing and cataloguing. o Blazon was presented ironically by the 16 century metaphysical poets Irony  Dissembling or hiding what is actually the case o Not to deceive o But to achieve special rhetorical or artistic effects Verbal Irony  A statement in which the meaning that the speaker implies differs sharply from the meaning that is ostensibly expressed o Often an explicit expression of one attitude or evaluation b
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