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English 1022E

English Notes (Oct 31) – The Revenger’s Tragedy  Parody of Revenge Tales  Metatragedy, a tragedy about tragedies Ways of Viewing Adaptations 1. The dramatic texts as a set of instructi ons given by a writer to actors  Telling them what to say and do  Implicit or explicit stage directions  Robs the dramatic text of its power; assumes that the text is simply a means to an end: that is, the performance 2. The dramatic text as an incomplete artwork  A work with gaps that actors, designers and directors are expected to fill in  The dramatic is not means to an end nut an autonomous work in and of itself (up to this point) 3. The dramatic text is a complete and finished product that can be spread like any work of literature  The performance of the text is neither the carrying out of a set of directions nor a filling in gaps  It is a process of transformation and adaption  The text is taken and transposed into different medium (f
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