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Bladerunner, Forever Peace, Neuromancer Notes.docx

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English 2071F/G
Stephanie Kelly

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 Bladerunner o Post human era, also similar to Frankenstein o They have to test to find the replicants, to see if they have developed emotions o Replicants have evolved to become indistinguishable from humans o “I think, therefore I am.” – replicants are actually physical, not machines o Shows boundaries of humanity o Decker and Rachel don’t know theyre replicants o Hes able to play the piano, like Rachel, because hes programmed to o Intolerable spaces – the world becomes inpathable for us humans; post industrialist period in blade runner, modern capitalism, the world is run by giant corporations o The world is both ecologically collapsing, and the planet is dying, the human scum is left on the planet o All animals are gone, real dove or fake dove at the end of the movie? o Buildings represent screens, information surrounds us, technology o Culture is described by tribalism. o Hyper-globalization  Forever Peace o Virtual war o Democracy is under pressure o Demo and the open market easily manipulate stuff o Apocalyptic time o What parts of ourself are we prepared to give up for peace o Jacking o McDonalds Theory – we are all globally connected economically, and the stronger powers don’t want to ruin the economy o Killing is intimate – bloody violence, abstract violence is when it happens miles away o Post industrial economy, private economy, military goes to walmart to learn logistics, marines go to wallstreet to learn how to be under pressure, economy is inverted o War is virtual o Few moments of emotion, then on with ourlives o Post industrial corporate world  The Body o “Interlocking Pieces”  set in hospital, with robo/organic nurses, taking care of ppl, ppl have a barcode, that tells them the exact time theyre gonna die, having the ability for transplants – a place to exchange body parts like u exchange tires of a car  main char finds out her
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