English 2092F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: List Of Supporting Harry Potter Characters, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore

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Self-Testing Questions – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
1. How does Rowling’s portrayal of the news media in this novel reflect both the
incipient totalitarian tendencies of the Ministry of Magic and the vestigial
freedoms of self-expression that still remain in wizarding society?
Rita Skeeter is a character that is silent and MIA throughout the fifth novel. In the
past she was known for her sneaky and dramatic articles. Though Hermione holds her
animagus status over her head as blackmail causing her to disappear from the
journalist world for a year. The Daily profit throughout this novel has been bad
mouthing Harry Potter in the form of lies consistently. This is souly controlled by the
ministry bc Fudge is scared of Dumbledore overthrowing him as minister. Even with
the ministries control ex. Umbridge tight control and I must not tell lies, Harry and
other students continue to seek and tell the truth via the Quibler and the DA.
2. What political checks and balances are missing in the wizarding world? How
does the existing legal system combine unjust laws with valuable provisions that
can be used by Dumbledore to curb the abuses of power pursued by Fudge and
Our worlds legal system holds trial with a Jury. In order for someone to be declared
guilty all of the jury must agree on the verdict and their must be no room for
reasonable doubt. The ministry has the Wizengamot who vote with majority winning.
Therefore if one more than half were to vote guilty the subject is declared so. Also
there are no political parties and one is appointed to be minister. Therefore its an
inside vote not chosen by the general public. Throughout the novel Dumbledore
recites laws to fudge and Umbridge that stop them from say expelling Harry and
banishing Trewlawney, this includes providing a witness, giving an exception for
harry’s use of magic and reminding Umbridge that Trewlaney is still allowed to live
at Hogwarts even if she is fired, and that the DA met at hogshead before the rule of no
unapproved school groups were to meet.
3. How does the D.A. function as a model of democratic power structures, in
contrast to the hierarchical structures of power embraced by Umbridge? How
does it also represent an improvement over S.P.E.W. as a model of political
In the DA Harry is voted as leader/teacher by the students, while Umbridge acts as a
royal leader creating laws … S.P.E.W. was similar to this as Hermione did not listen
to the house elves…v authoritarian.
4. In what way does magic itself provide the ultimate check to institutionalized
power? To what extent do witches and wizards use magic to achieve goals that
Muggles achieve using the legal system (i.e. property laws, contract laws, even
criminal laws)? What are the dangers associated with the use of magical power as
the primary check to government power?
Laws are monitored through magic with the underage magic detection, floo network
ect. This is bad in the sense that underage magic detection is unspecific to the person
performing the spell…therefore someone can be blamed for something they did not
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