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Day 3

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English 2230F/G

English Day 3 of a million Terms - Decorum: in literature, is language or is the metaphor appropriate for what’s being discussed o Mess with this later – that could be fun - Metaphysical conceit o An ingenious comparison that is elaborate and sometimes farfetched  Almost as if the vehicle and tenor were taken from two different realms - Diction: the word choice o When words are clustered into a certain type of language o Think of jargon and such - Allegory: an image or a narrative with a second meaning partially hidden behind the first o Narrative: a series of events just happening  The beginning, middle, end o The allegory goes throughout the whole story o It’s a story within something else - Extended metaphor: good example is pet panther o The metaphor goes on and on - Didactic: meaning teachy, trying to teach - Ambivalent Timeline - In the classical era they were obsessed with decorum - Then the neoclassical era was similar to then classical but they were also about the way things sounded - The romantic poets stressed the importance of originality o New rhythms too - Modernist writers played with the word rather than the concept John Donne and Metaphysical Conceit - A valediction forbidding mourning - Samuel Johnson got all mad at Donne because he just grabbed two random things that he just pulled together “two heterogeneous ideas were roped together via violence” - However T.S Elliot brought him out of obscurity A Valediction Forbidding Mourning - Generally metaphysical conceit is an extended metaphor or simile that startles - The diction is very religious o Profanation o Laity - Hyperbole o Underneath the dictio
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